Ingredients & Environment

Ingredients & Environment 

The Fat Carrot Ltd isn't just concerned with producing great food. It's also about caring about animals and making sure that we do all we can to preserve the planet for future generations. 

We know that you will love our food. We hope that our ingredients and environment policies will encourage you to become regular customers, enjoying our food and working with us to achieve compassionate policies, which sustain the environment and help to preserve the planet.
By selecting only the best ingredients, we produce delicious food such as the sundried tomato and olive scones shown to the left.


Our vegetables are always sourced locally whenever possible. If not, we make every effort to source our ingredients from the UK. Our main supplier of vegetables is Bourne Produce of East Peckham. We only used free range eggs that are sourced as locally as possible.

We handle and prepare food in accordance with the standards required for food hygiene best practice. We also pay the strictest attention to ensuring that our food is truly vegetarian or vegan.

The kitchen is completely meat free and raw state dairy ingredients are stored separately to vegetables and dairy free alternatives. Vegetarian and vegan meals are cooked in accordance with the definitions of the Vegetarian Society UK. All food is cooked by hand in small batches using only high quality ingredients.

While we observe the highest standards of cleanliness and care, many of our products contain nuts. Therefore unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that items are totally nut free even if not listed as "contains nuts".

Our products also often use sesame seeds, celery, eggs, soya, onion, garlic and substances containing gluten e.g. flour. If you have any allergies or food intolerances please ask.

Gluten free products are listed as gf on the menu and on our packaging.

Whilst many of our products are fairly indulgent we also try to cater for a range of needs and lower fat/ calorie recipes are often available.

NB: We make food for special dietary requirements to order. Don't assume we can't do it, please get in touch and ask!

Environmental Policy

Our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible to minimise our carbon footprint. Wherever possible, our packaging consists of paper, card, tin foil, or compostable plastic. We support and encourage the use of reusable bags at farmers' markets.